2012 June

With cybernauts now totalling over 3 billion worldwide - of which 1.5 billion are "mobinauts" - 2012 sees the beginning of the mobile Internet age. Renault Trucks is therefore launching the mobile version of its website. This will enable everyone, wherever they may be and whenever they wish, to easily keep connected with the world of trucks. With a simplified tree structure and incorporation of social networks, customers and all of the brand’s enthusiasts can now access this site from their telephones.

The arrival of tablets and other Smartphones has completely changed cybernauts’ relationship to the web, calling for new interfaces better adapted to these devices in terms of fluidity, speed and practicality.

For the benefit of its customers and the brand’s enthusiasts, Renault Trucks is therefore launching the mobile version of its website as well as the Renault Trucks country sites (,, etc.).

Using simplified tree structures, a clear and straightforward design and fast access to mobile cybernauts’ favourite functionalities, the new Renault Trucks mobile Internet site makes it easy to obtain key information about the manufacturer, while at the same time preserving the rich amount of content offered by the normal website.

Incorporating social networks such as Facebook or Twitter enables visitors to easily sign up to the Renault Trucks pages and share them with their contacts.
This element is essential for a mobile website, since Smartphones and tablets are, after all, designed principally for communication and sharing.

On the site’s corporate pages, the focus is on news with fast access to the manufacturer’s latest press releases. "Mobinauts” can also easily browse through the Renault Trucks presentation sections and consult its commitments as well as the recruitment page.

On the commercial sites, the photos and videosare given special prominence and can be shared very easily. The first page even features a direct link to all the Apps developed by Renault Trucks, such as, for example, the Deliver Eye application which allows a geo-tagged photo to be sent in the event of a delay or goods found damaged on collection. There is also NavTruck, the only HGV dedicated GPS available on iPhone and the Renault Trucks Racing simulation video game.

The site’s other sections, such as the presentation of Renault Trucks’ ranges have also been adapted to make them easy to read on customers’ mobile phones.

The contacts have been optimised so that users can swiftly communicate with the right person according to their needs. These can be seen on the homepage and can also be accessed from all other pages.
Available in the first place for France, the United Kingdom and Germany, the mobile version of Renault Trucks’ web sites will be launched progressively in the others countries. Ultimately, a geo-location function will also enable requests by "mobinauts” to be routed directly to the contact person concerned, according to the location from which they are connecting.

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WEB NEWS 2012 june

On 5 June, Renault Trucks, "exhibited" at the very first all-digital tradeshow, which
took place exclusively on Internet. This was the first virtual tradeshow for the transport
and logistics sector. Renault Trucks was there presenting its Optifuel Solutions,
Optifleet and also its Clean Tech offering. A pioneer in the development of applications
for smartphones, with a powerful presence on social network and discussion
platforms, this was a way for Renault Trucks to reassert its affinity with innovation and
modern means of communication.


The 2012 season Truck Racing calendar

The Istanbul Park track, a new venue, hosted the first stage of the European FIA 2012 Truck Racing Championship this weekend - and was the scene of some particularly keen competition. The Renault Trucks-MKR Technology team, which has resolutely set its sights on winning the championship, scored some valuable points by getting four podium places out of four races. Renault Trucks, as usual, marked the opening of the season by a powerful commercial presence. Over 850 of the manufacturer’s customers and partners had been invited to watch the races and take advantage of the various events and attractions on offer around the track.