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Fewer trucks, less fuel, less pollution! What more could one ask for?

Truck Driver Aged just 11

You don’t have to be old to be worth your salt. Aged just 11, Benoît Gautier is already skilfully driving a 25.25 metre rig.

Road freight has doubled in France in 20 years, and economists expect this trend to continue. To address this issue, for many years now some Scandinavian countries have been using trucks 25.25 metres long with a total weight of 60 tonnes. In 1997, this type of vehicle was standardised in these countries under the name of EMS (European Modular System).

In actual fact, traditional trucks are used with a trailer, or an articulated lorry with an additional trailer. In both cases, the maximum length is 25.25 m and the maximum total weight is 60 tonnes.

In early 2009, official tests were carried out on the Le Creusot circuit to observe the behaviour of these "superlorries". The tests found that handling and trajectory were virtually identical to traditional trucks. What is more, at 50 km/h, the stopping distance for a 25.25 m vehicle is 9m less than that of its conventional counterpart.

Another significant advantage is that if it is assumed that two of these ’road trains’ replace three traditional trucks, road traffic can be decreased as well as using 20-30% less fuel, with a direct impact on CO2 emissions.

To demonstrate how easy these EMS superlorries are to use, we asked Benoît, 11, to take the wheel. Benoît drove the truck on the Le Creusot circuit in complete safety, with the advice and under the watchful eye of his father Jean Yves Gautier, CEO of hauliers STG.

Truckeditions - Vincent MAHE- 2009
video from 2009 translated in english in 2013 january

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